Top widely illicit drugs used worldwide

Marijuana Marijuana is one of the most widely used illicit drug in the world. The plant from which it is made is Cannabis sativa. This drug is also known as “young...

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World Top 5 Most Wanted criminals

  List of World’s top most wanted criminals according to the FBI and American company Forbes, which was published in 2011: Joaquín Guzmán His actual full name...

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Facts you should know about Panama Papers

The question that first arises in our mind is what are the Panama Papers? So, Panama Paper are the huge store of confidential documents, which is exposing more than 40...

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Fascinating Facts on FRIENDS (TV series)

“FRIENDS.”, the TV series that taught us the lessons about friendship and love; how important are friends in our life; also gave us joy and laughter, by its humor...

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Awesome Facts on Virat Kohli

Virat has a nickname “Chiku”, given by his fellow teammates. The former New Zealand Captain, Martin Crowe complimenting Kohli,“Kohli exudes the intensity of Rahul...

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