Top most Used Programming Language

As an IT (Information Technology) field person, you must do some programming in this particular field to complete your work whether for making a website or for making software. So the knowledge of various programming languages is very important to attain a good position in IT career.

So the question arises -which programming language will be beneficial?

Here is a list of top most demanded programming languages which are needed by big IT companies.

  1. SQL (structured query language)


It’s not a surprise to see SQL on the top as this is one of the languages which is a must. If anyone is using any programming language he has to work with the database to store his data and information related to the project. Different database technologies like MYSQL and Microsoft SQL server are used in various big business companies, hospitals, banks, school, and universities. Eventually, every person who uses any programming language somehow uses SQL too. Even android and iPhone apps use SQL database known as SQLite.

  1. Java


Java is the most widely used programming language, used by more than 10 million developers and running in more than 8 billion devices. Java is also a core platform to develop android phone applications. Java is on the top of the list because of the features like user-friendly, easy syntax and with better features. It has a special compatibility feature due to which old applications will also work on the future’s platform.

  1. JavaScript


As a beginner in IT field, many people think that Java and JavaScript are the same things. However, there is a vast difference between the two. JavaScript is an important part of website development. It is used to make a website more attractive with special effects and enhanced graphical user interface.

  1. C#


C# is the evolution of C programming. As it is the upgraded version of C and C++ with more features and user-friendly interface. It is designed by Microsoft for the enterprise applications that run on .NET framework.

  1. C++


The mother of all programming language, C++ is still one of the most widely used and known programming language, as the concepts and logic of C++ are used in modern languages. That is why every IT student has to first learn C++ before proceeding to other languages. Adobe, Microsoft applications, Mongo DB databases and large parts of Mac OS/X are written in C++ language and still used for modification. So it is recommended to learn first C++ so that you can get familiar with other languages.

  1. Python


It is known for its simple and readable programming structure since the syntax in python closely it’s easy to understand and use. Python is used to teach coding, as it is used by 8 of the top 10 computer science departments and in top schools worldwide. It also has lots of libraries that can be used for physics and mathematics processing. NASA, PBS, and Reddit uses python language for their websites.




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