Top Anime to watch by Beginners

First of all, Anime is not a cartoon, as many people think so. A cartoon is basically a mild storyline with basic morals for kids to learn or get entertained by. Whereas, anime has a more intense storyline with way more enhanced graphics. There are some anime which is rated as 18+ for the audience.

The main aim of making a cartoon film is to make people laugh whereas, anime focus at things that are closer to human emotions and life. Anime are more violent and sexual than cartoons.

So firstly you have to make your mind that you are not watching any type of cartoon.

List of Anime series that you can watch if you have never watched an Anime Series ever:


  1. Death Note


Death note is a story about a book which has the power to kill anyone just by having the person’s name on it. This book is a property of a shinigami (Death God), who uses it to kill people when it’s time. However, he gets bored his life so he decides to give this book to a human to see how humans use that book.

In short, Death note is a thrilling and mind-blowing story that will not fail to give you goose bumps.

This series has approx. 40 episodes, so a new beginner can give it a try.


  1. Naruto


Naruto struggles to find his place in the village while his burning desire to become the Hokage leads him to not only to some great new friends but also some deadly foes. So, if you want some action, comedy and a little bit of emotional storyline, Naruto should be your pick.


  1. One Piece


One piece is the story about a young boy named Monkey.D.Luffy, whose life aim is to win the title of “Pirate King” and to find the most precious and valuable treasure left by the previous pirate king, Gold.D.Roger. When the execution of Gold.D.Roger was done, he announced that his whole life collective treasure will be won by anyone who ever found it first; with the hint that the treasure will be at Grant line. This ignites different pirates to find the treasure and get rich, thus beginning the pirate era.

So the story starts with the main lead Monkey.D.luffy and further shows how different crew member joined him and how they find the treasure.

  1. Bleach


The story mainly focuses on the hollows (ghosts) and soul reapers. The duty of soul reapers is to free the hollows from the world of the living to the soul society (heaven). The main lead Ichigo Kurosaki is a high school boy and has a special power to see ghosts. Then, in his life enters a soul reaper Rukia Kuchiki, who gave her powers to Ichigo, as she suffered from some injuries.

So the story continues, as how Ichigo became a perfect soul reaper and saves the living world from hollows.


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