Music – Pleasure or TORTURE!!

All of us love listening to music and it has become one of the most important parts of our lives. It helps us in releasing our stress and gives us a peaceful state of mind.


However, do you know it can even be used as torture to people; famously known as Music torture?


CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) uses music as a tool for torturing their prisoners during interrogation so that they go crazy give information that was needed by CIA.


How they use music?


Imagine a situation, where you are all tied up to a chair in a way that you can’t even move a little bit and you are forced to hear the same song over and over at full volume for days. Yes, this type of torture is known as Music torture.

The main idea behind using music as torture was that according to public, it was not offensive, as they thought its just music, what damage can be done by it. Listening to music at full volume, again and again, stops the person’s mind to work properly and they wish for death instead of listening and bearing that torture.


The list of songs that they use for music torture were:-


  1. “The Real Slim Shady” by Eminem

All of us, love this song, as it has rap by our favorite Eminem with his cool lyrics. However, can you listen to this song back to back for a day?

Binyam Mohamed has listened to this song for 20 days back to back non-stop. According to him, this treatment was given to everyone at that place and plenty of them lost their minds, as he heard people smashing their heads on the wall and screaming in pain.


  1. “Take Your Best Shot” by Dope

Reprive, an organization that is against the music torture done by CIA, interviewed Ruhal Ahmed about the torture he suffered. According to him, beaten up by is way more bearable than the music torture. A person can make him mentally prepare that he is going to be beaten up and resist the pain but in music torture, as it was so scary that it makes you crazy. He added, after a while listening to same songs all lyrics get fade and all you hear is banging voice in your mind.


  1. “Dirrty” by Christina Aguilera

Mohammed al Qahtani, one of the 9/11 hijackers  received this torture with whole new level. A special music theme was made for him known as bad Muslim, one of the songs of that theme was this song. Being an observant Muslim, he was suffered by this song which was a sexual pop music and in addition to that he was humiliated by a shirtless female lap dance, reaking multiple of his religion’s rules and laws.


  1. “I Love You” by The Barney Theme

This song is one of most famously overused by CIA. Song creator, Bob Singleton laughed when he heard that his song is used to torture the adults, as the song was originally for the kids, as a lesson that all people love each other. However, the song lyrics makes adults so irritated that they went mad and just wanted to end their life.


So anything can be used as torture someone if it is overused, even MUSIC.

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