Fascinating Facts on FRIENDS (TV series)

“FRIENDS.”, the TV series that taught us the lessons about friendship and love; how important are friends in our life; also gave us joy and laughter, by its humor and a perfect story line.

However, do you know these interesting facts about FRIENDS series?

  1. According to the first script, Joey and Monica would be couple later in series.


  1. In the beginning, original name of the show was Insomnia Café, which kept on changing to Friends like Us, Six of one and then finally FRIENDS title was decided.


  1. Per episode all the six main roles get $22,000 in first season. Then in 1997, they demanded $100,000 per episode, which was accepted by the producer as the show became so popular. That’s not all, in final season payment raised to $1,000,000 per episode.



  1. The episode “The One Where No One’s Ready” was filmed entirely in Monika’s apartment, as the show was low on budget.


  1. Remember that show Days of Our Life, where Joey used to play a role of a doctor, actually that show was a real TV show and Jennifer Aniston’s father used to play a role of Victor Kiriakis in that series.



  1. In the pilot episode, Monica forgot some lines from the script, as a result producers were tensed, whether Courteney Cox would be liked by audience or not. So a survey was conducted whether she stays or not and of course, results were in her favor.


  1. Many people didn’t notice that the Monika’s apartment number was changed from 5 to 20, as 5th room doesn’t represent that the apartment is on upper ground floor.



  1. Lisa Kurdrow was actually pregnant, which results in the story of phoebe carrying his brother’s children.


  1. Matthew Perry felt awkward around women, which was the reason he was best for the role of Chandler, as this was one of the characteristic of that role.



  1. According to producers, Courtney Cox was best for the role of Rachel. However, she played the role of Monika, as according to her Monika was a strong character in the show.



  1. If you have noticed, all the main characters kissed each other in the FRIENDS series except Phoebe and Ross.



  1. David Schwimmer was an awesome actor as well as director too, as he directed 10 episodes of the FRIENDS series.

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And, of course, a lot more! Stay tuned for more facts 😀

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