Thrilling Facts about 9/11 Attack

A day that has been written, as one of the deadliest terrorist acts in world’s history, that killed more than 3000 people and more than 6000 injured, which effected the relationship between Muslims and Christians- the 9/11 attack.


However, did you know other interesting facts about it? Like:-

  1. In 9\11 attack, boat owners helped around 500,000 citizens of Manhattan to transport from the island, as all the transports were closed, this act was also known as 9/11 boatlift.


  1. During the attack, 2 fighter jet planes took off without any ammunition, as they knew that if they wanted to stop the hijacked plane to strike the building, they might have to collide and destroy the hijacked plane.


  1. A bank in WTC lost more than 75% of employees in the attack, sued American airlines for their fault and won 135 million dollars.

Workers work to save any survivors from the rubble of the WTC. rubble debris rescue firefighters recovery ground zero search bucket brigade flag

  1. Apart from the attack, more than 1600 people died in road accident, as the chaos was there around the city.



  1. On the 9/11 Memorial, names of people who had died were not arranged by alphabetical order, but by relationship and bond between them.



  1. Before 9/11 attack, a bomb attack occurred in WTC in Feb, 1993, resulting in death of 6 people.


  1. Passengers of the other hijacked plane heard about the attack on WTC, in reaction they attempted to take down the hijackers, because of which plane crashed in Pennsylvania instead of WTC.


  1. After the attack on tower 1, people of tower 2 wanted to leave the building but they were advised to stay. As a result, more than 1120 of them died.

  1. As revenge, Muslim’s temples and stores were destroyed by the citizens.

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  1. During the week of 9/11 attack, the top most Google search were world trade center and Osama bin Laden.


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