Awesome Facts about Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo, one of the best athlete and sportsman is known for his awesome skills, football tricks and fascinating goals. Even if you don’t know much about football, you must have heard the name Ronaldo, as he has become an icon of football. Whenever the name of football comes, next name that automatically comes in mind is Ronaldo. But there are some things that you definitely don’t know, like:-

  • What and why is the full name of Cristiano Ronaldo?
  • Did Ronaldo smoke or like drinking?
  • Which was the first club that Ronaldo played for?
  • Story behind his nick names in his childhood like “cry-baby” and “little bee”?
  • About his friend Albert Fantrau?
  • The cost at which Manchester United signed Ronaldo?
  • Why he has the No. 7 Jersey?
  • The condition at which he joined Manchester United?
  • Fashion Boutique owned by him?
  • About his child, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr?
  • How many Ballon D’or Ronaldo has won and in which year?



So, first of all the full name of Cristiano Ronaldo is Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro and his parents gave him the name Ronaldo after the US president Ronald Reagan, as he was the favourite actor of his dad.

Ronaldo was born in a poor family and his dad was an alcoholic who died of liver diseases. Following that, Ronaldo decided to never smoke or drink alcohol. Many think that Ronaldo’s first club is Sporting Lisbon after which he joined Manchester United. However, the first club that he played for is an amateur football club namely, Andorinha, in which his dad worked as a kit man. then, he joined a local team Nacional, later went for a 3 day Trial at Sporting Lisbon, and thus after watching his excellent skills and ball control, they signed him.

Ronaldo has a nickname, “Cry-Baby” since an incident when once, he passed the examinations and his friend didn’t score well, he cried. Also, “little bee” since he is so fast that it is very difficult to catch him.

Ronaldo is thankful to his friend Albert Fantrau, and considers him as the reason behind his great success. There was a situation when they played together for the youth club, where in only one of them was to be selected on the basis of who scores more goals in a match. Ronaldo scored the first goal, following which second goal was scored by Albert. In the end, third goal was scored by Ronaldo, but it was Albert who faced one-on-one with the goalkeeper and then passed the ball to Ronaldo who only had to kick the ball in the empty net. At the end of the match, Ronaldo asked him why he did that, to which his friend replied that he knew Ronaldo was better than him.

Manchester United signed Ronaldo at £12 million and at that time Ronaldo became the first player at his age to be signed with that high amount. After some years, Real Madrid signed him for £131 millions.

Sir Alex Ferguson gave him the No 7 Jersey finding him deserving to wear the  jersey worn by the best players like Bryan Robson, Eric Cantona and David Beckham.

Ronaldo’s agent Jorge Mendes put a condition when Manchester United signed Ronaldo according to which, only if Ronaldo would play in 50% of all the matches, will he join Manchester. The condition was accepted by Sir Alex Ferguson.

In the year of 2006, Ronaldo opened his fashion boutique named after his Shirt number “CR7” in Madeira, Portugal, in which they deal with belts, jeans, loafers etc.

Ronaldo became a father of a baby boy on 3 July, 2010, but never disclosed who the mother of that child was.

Ronaldo is fast and has a perfect body. He has only 10% fat in his body which is the average amount of fat that everyone should have. When he jumps, he beats the average NBA players’ jump by 7cm. There is a video on YouTube known as ‘testing the limits of Ronaldo’ in which, his excellent football skills are tested in the most difficult conditions.

Ronaldo won 3 Ballon D’or AKA Best player of the year in 2009 and then 2 times continuously in 2013 and 2014.

If you want to know him better, there is a movie made on him, you can watch:- Ronaldo: the movie. It is the biography of Ronaldo’s football career and how it all started.


Some people say he is arrogant but it’s all a part of his success and we should appreciate the legend and one of the best football Players.

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