Which Operating System you should use

Confused with what Operating System to use?! Here’s the key:

In this world of technology, gadgets and various devices, we need an interface or software to communicate with these devices; which in local terms we call an Operating System.

There are different types of Operating System for different types of devices. For example, for desktops, there are  Windows , MAC , ubuntu  and for mobile devices there are Android , iOS , Symbian .

This article will help you to choose the best Operating System for your desktop and mobile Devices according to your needs.

Desktop Operating System

  1. Operating System For Domestic Use:-


Windows is best for normal use like for home purposes – watching movies, playing songs, net surfing. For normal computing, Microsoft Windows is the most popular and widely used operating system.


  1. Operating System For Gamers :-


According to many Gamers, Microsoft Windows 8.1 64 bits is the best Operating System as it is capable with latest DirectX which enhances and smoothens the game play and makes use of graphic card to the fullest. It also boost FPS in many games.


  1. Operating System For Hackers:-

Kali Linux is the best operating system for hackers as it has all the software  pre-installed in the operating System and it is light and portable as you can  use it any system just by plugging in the pen drive  with its files on it and it keeps on updating with new hacking software.

  1. Operating System For Programmers and Developers:-

Linux is the best for the category of programmers and developers, for two reasons: One, it’s a free operating system; one can download it and use it without buying any licence. Second, it supports many programming languages, has various coding softwares and has various utilities like bash scripting, which we can use for making scripts to accomplish specific tasks and may other utilities.

  1. Operating System For Photography:-


According to many photographers, Apple Mac is considered as a better operating system than Windows as it boosts photography softwares like Photoshop and lightroom. Editing with Mac is easy but according to me both Mac and windows are equally good for photography and can be used easily.


For Mobile and Tablets:-


According to stats Android is considered as the best and widely used Smartphone operating system, whereas for tablets iOS is the one. So, according to various needs like:


  • If u like modding, gaming, downloading different things, testing new things and like to change the GUI of your device according to you, I suggest Android is the best. It is open source software and gives the user authority to change mostly anything according to their choice by various software and modding programs.


  • And if you use your Smartphone only for general purposes like calling, texting and general applications, I prefer iOS since it is simple to use and operate, user friendly and with a decent GUI and application which can be used for normal applications.


So every Operating System is helpful and useful, we just need to think which one we need the most.

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