Fascinating Facts on Messi

Messi, winner of 5 Ballon d’Or AKA best player of the world Award, is an idol and legend for many football lover as well as the current football players. And now he is compared to other legends like Maradona and Pelle and some think he is better than them.

  • But do you know the story of the Messi’s childhood?
  • The problem he is suffering from?
  • The records that he has broken?
  • The age at which he started playing football?
  • In which year he won Ballon d’Or?
  • Why his jersey number is 10?
  • Why he points to sky after he scores a goal?

Here are all the answers to these questions

Messi AKA Luis Lionel Andres Messi, belongs to a middle class family where his mom was a housewife and dad worked as a steelworker and also as a trainer for youth football team.

In Messi’s childhood days, he suffered from deficiency of Growth Hormone due to which his normal growth rate stopped. And according to the doctor the treatment cost was so high that his family couldn’t afford to pay.

But Messi had great football skills and passion for it .He played his league first match against Espanyol and scored goal for Barcelona and became the third youngest player to play on Barcelona  and one of the youngest player to score a goal for Barcelona. Following the awesome performance by him, FC Barcelona sporting director Carlos Rexach was so ardent to sign him, that he made a contract on napkin since there was no paper at that time. He also offered to pay for his treatment.

Messi holds the citizenship of Spain and also got the offer to represent from Spain football team in FIFA world cup for which Messi refused.

Messi have taken the Barca number 10 jersey from another great football legend Ronaldinho in 2008.

After every goal Messi points his finger to the sky and this celebration style is world famous and the reason why he do that is he pay tribute to his grandmother who was one of the closest person to him. She died when Messi was 10 years old. So he points his finger up and believes that his grandmother is watching him from somewhere.

Messi won his first Ballon d’Or in 2009 and after that he kept winning it for the next 3 years and then he won his 5th Ballon d’Or Award in 2016. And he is the only player who won this title for that many times.

Various records are also made by him like

  • Most goals scored in Spanish history
  • Most goals scored in Europe
  • Most goals scored in a season

He is still playing and breaking new records and we all are with him. 😀

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