Mysterious Facts about Witchcraft, Mayong

Hogwarts of India?! Check it out.

Witchcraft has been a part of almost all cultures of the world! Here are some facts about witchcraft from mayong, Assam, India.

Decrepit old hags flying on nasty looking brooms, or people in shining red robes playing quidditch, which image pops up in your head when you hear the word ‘witchcraft’?

Well, here are some facts to give rest to your imagination:

  1. Mayong in Assam has been the land of witchcraft and black magic since centuries, long before Ms. Rowling conceived of the idea of Harry Potter.
  2. Many scary tales associated with Mayong – of people vanishing into thin air or beasts magically being tamed – which will surely give you goosebumps.
  3. Assamese village called Jatinga is known for the very bizzarre phenomenon that happens here – that of birds committing suicide every winter for about 100 years. Hundreds of migratory birds fly at high speed towards trees and buildings, succumbing to death eventually. Why do they do this? That mystery still remains unsolved.
  4. Many ancient relics of Ayurveda and black magic are now preserved in the Mayong Central Museum.
  5. Narabali or human sacrifices were carried out in connection with the worship of Shakti have occurred in the Ahom era in Mayong.
  6. Witchcraft is not synonymous to black magic. It is an umbrella term that includes both white and black magic.
  7. There are male counterparts of witches as well, mostly referred to as wizards, warlocks or sorcerers.
  8. About 1,000 women have been killed across India in the past decade for “practising witchcraft”. According to Assam Parliamentary Affairs Minister Rockybul Hussain, at least 77 persons were killed and 60 others were injured in witch hunting incidents across Assam since 2010.
  9. The broomstick myth: Practitioners of witchcraft experimented with herbs and potions. And in doing so, they might have used a mandrake plant, which has hallucinatory properties. It made people euphoric and even hallucinate at times. There were rituals that were performed in the nude and involved rubbing a herbal ointment that contained mandrake. After the ointment was put in the private parts, it caused a floating sensation. That sensation has been likened to that of floating on a broomstick.

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