Unknown Facts about Batman Movies

23 stories starring BATMAN?!!!

One of the most favorite superheroes of all time who shows that even a normal man can be the hero, not every time superpowers are needed. With his dashing car, bike and his various gadgets, we all want to be like him. Oh, and his upcoming movie Superman vs. Batman about which we all know who’s gonna win. Β πŸ˜›

Here are some interesting facts about BATMAN, if you didn’t know:

  • The hero who never kills his enemies used to love killing criminals according to old batman comics.
  • There is flashpoint storyline in batman in which Bruce Wayne got shot and died. And his mother became the JOKER.
  • In the game Batman Arkham Asylum, it takes 2 years to make his cape.
  • The Name Bruce Wayne is a mixture of 2 historical figures. First King Bruce who led the war of Scottish independence and Anthony Wayne who is a hero of American Revolutionary War.
  • Do you know the first Batman movie? Its Batman fights Dracula in 1964’s
  • According to comics Bruce Wayne become Batman at the age of 25.
  • Actually Batman was created as a combination of 3 different characters which are Zorro, Dracula and Shadow.
  • There is a limited series published by both DC and Marvel where a hero named Dark Claw is introduced which is the combination of Batman and Wolverine.



Do you know about all the batman and batman animated movies?

No? Then there is list for you go watch it

  • Batman -1966
  • Batman Returns – 1992
  • Batman Forever -1995
  • Batman and Robin – 1997
  • Batman Begins – 2005
  • The dark Knight – 2008
  • The Dark Knight Rises – 2012
  • Superman VS Batman -2016


Animated Series

  • Batman : Mask of the Phantasm -1993
  • Batman Beyond: The Movie – 1999
  • Batman Beyond : Return of the Joker – 2000
  • The Batman vs. Dracula -2005
  • Batman: Gotham Knight – 2008
  • Superman Batman Public Enemies – 2009
  • Justice League : Crisis on Two Earth -2010
  • Batman: Under the Red hood -2010
  • Batman :year one – 2011
  • Justice league :Doom -2012
  • Batman : The Dark Knight Returns -2013
  • JLA Adventures : Trapped in Time – 2014
  • Son of Batman – 2014
  • Batman vs. Robin – 2015
  • Batman Unlimited : Animal Instincts – 2015
  • Batman Unlimited : Monster Mayhem – 2015

That’s not all. There are also various TV series of Batman.

So stop all what you are doing and go watch all of them!!!

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