Story behind Angry Birds

After 50 games?!!!

All of us have played the game angry bird and loved it when we swap the finger and throw different angry birds to destroy pig’s castle.

  • But do you know how it was made?
  • From which the developer did they get the idea of angry bird?
  • Did they get success in one shot?

No? Don’t worry, I can tell you!!

So this is the story of 3 guys who started their own company in 2003 that made games for different platforms.

Initially, they made different games but none of them was great hit, but they kept on trying and made 51 games in total. But again, no success .In the year 2009, they went almost broke, invested all their money on their company but they did get the desired results.

So, 3 guys almost broke but didn’t lose hope and decided to make 1 more game.

All of them sketched 10 ideas a day and continue their hard work and one day they sketched the main red bird of the game.  And inspired by the game Crush the Castle they made their game and the first game was released in December 2009 for only Apple iOS. And after approx one year 12 million copies of games were downloaded by the people. Then it was decided to make this game available for other platforms too.

In the year 2014, two billion downloads were there across the world and in July 2015 the number increased to more than 3 billion thereby making that game the most downloaded freemium game series of all time.

And now this game is so popular that a movie is going to be released, on May 20, 2016, by Columbia Pictures, based on the basics of the game.

Moral of the story- just keep on trying. Don’t stop because at failure. Your hard work and efforts will one day lead you to success.

And so to keep you motivated there is quote by Elbert Hubbard


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