Tobacco means DEATH!!

Not Just Cancer?? Like that wasn’t huge enough!!

In today’s modern world smoking cigarettes and usage of tobacco reached such a point that from 1 out of 5 people smoke and it’s a trend for teenagers that smoking cigarettes makes you cool and famous in their circles. Bullshit!!!

But do you know side effects of smoking?

Cancer, yes. But do you know how many types of cancer can happen?

No? Then you need to read this

  1. Bladder Cancer
  2. Cervix Cancer in females
  3. Esophagus Cancer (throat pipe)
  4. Kidney Cancer
  5. Larynx Cancer (the organ from where voice generate)
  6. Lung Cancer
  7. Oral Cavity Cancer(Mouth Cancer)
  8. Pharynx Cancer(Throat Cancer)
  9. Stomach Cancer
  10. Uterus Cancer


That’s like 10 types of cancer can happen to a person if he smokes but that’s not all guys there are other side effects and diseases like COPD, emphysema, bronchitis and chronic airway obstruction.

As per the reports Smoking causes coronary heart disease that leads to death in US.

When we compare the life of a smoker to that of a non – smoker than the increase of various harmful effects increase by times like

  • Coronary heart disease by 4 times
  • Stroke by 4 times
  • Lung Cancer in Men by 23 times
  • Lung Cancer in Women by 13 times




So you can see that by lighting a single cigarette u can have so many problems so why to show off and be a cool guy.

And on average a non smoker guy lives 14 years more than smoker. So approx 5110 days. WTF I can’t afford to lose this many days.


So, Stay healthy. Stay young.

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