Interesting Facts about Michael Jackson

WTF?!!!! You have to read this!!! :O

10 things about our dear MJ you definitely didn’t know about:

  1. Janet Jackson, MJ’s sister, had to set appointments to meet with him; he most often times refused!
  2. Michael’s security guards carried A TON of guns: Gluck pistols with extended magazines, Teasers that could deliver 1.2 million volts, MP5 fully automatic submachine guns, military style AR15s, 12-guage automatic shotguns, and close to 3000 rounds of ammunition!
  3. Michael had secret affairs with two women whom he “made out with” in the back of a limousine!
  4. He was an insatiable reader and loved to listen to English classical music!
  5. Michael was obsessed with his looks. He would be constantly late for meetings and scheduled events because he would see something about himself that he needed to fix. He often spent up to 3 hours with his stylist to make sure he looked just right.
  6. His kids’ education was a top priority for Jackson! All three were home-schooled by a private tutor but he still made them wear uniforms! School started at 8am sharp in a room in the house dedicated to serving as their classroom. Michael checked in with the teacher every week to discuss their lesson plan and he was constantly helping the children with the homework and quizzing them on what they learned!
  7. Michael did his own laundry! He once ran out of detergent and asked his house staff to go and buy him some more so that he could clean the kids’ clothes!
  8. Prince, Paris and Blanket wore masks with Michael not because he was concerned about germs but so that they could stay anonymous. He wanted them to be able to have a normal childhood when they went out without him. They only wore masks when he was at their side.
  9. Michael organized elaborate birthday parties for his children but they would be the only kids there since none of them had any friends growing up!
  10. Despite being raised a Jehovah’s Witness, Christmas was a big deal in the Jackson household. One year, Michael went to a toy store after hours and spent $10,000 worth of gifts for his kids. He had them wrapped and put under the tree before dawn on Christmas morning!

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