Did Tom and Jerry die in the end of the series?

Did Tom and Jerry die in the end of the series???

One of the all times Favorites Cartoon of our childhood series, TOM and JERRY teaches about friendship and that even a small mouse can take down the big cat.

But when it comes to our mind about the show different Questions arise like

Is it still on TV?

And many people think that in the end Tom and Jerry died because they don’t know how to end this fight of a mouse and cat. After listening to this I was like what the ****.

One of the episodes is ‘Blue Cat blues’, as per which, both Tom and Jerry attempt suicide at the end of the episode, erroneously stating that Blue Cat Blues was the final shot in the Tom and Jerry series. However, that’s not the last episode, as the Tom and Jerry show is still on.

Blue Cat blues’:

Tom is depressed and sitting on a railway track because the love of his life the beautiful white cat dump Tom and went with the butcher dog because of the wealth he had. Whereas Jerry laments his old friend’s state and as his true friend, Jerry try to stop him but he can’t.  In the end, Tom saw his ex-girlfriend riding by in Butcher’s car, which had a “Just Married” sign on the back. On the other hand, Jerry is thankful to god that his girlfriend “toot” is loyal to him. However, soon enough, he sees behind the butcher’s car, toots rides by with another mouse, a “Just Married” sign on the back of their car. Following these events, in the end of the episode, they both get depressed and wait for the train sitting on a railway track.

This episode has rarely been seen on American TV, although it has been aired once on TNT in the early 1990s and made its rounds on local affiliate channels. However, the short aired for only once on Cartoon Network Southeast Asia in November 2010. As of March 2014, very few airings are known but it has been shown briefly on Cartoon Network in the USA.

But this is not the end guys after that new episodes are aired and they are still on with their series Tom and Jerry Show (2014 – present)

So don’t spread the wrong rumors. Our Tom and Jerry are still alive!!!

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