Unrevealed Facts about First iPhone Announcement

A Drunken Demo?!!


Do you know what happened behind the scenes when Steve Jobs announced the First iphone???

While Steve Jobs was on stage demonstrating the first iPhone to the world, the engineers that made the prototype were halfway drunk in the audience. Interesting, right?

Question: Were they happy-drunk on the launch of the first iphone?

Answer: Hell no!!!

The real reason is that they were nervous because the iPhone prototype was still incomplete and it might have failed to perform some task during the demonstration, and whoever had been responsible for that feature failure would later have to lose his job.

The Times’ look back at the development of the iPhone reveals a process filled with setbacks, glitches, and obstacles.

So the prototype that  he represented would play a section of a song or video, but it would get crash if a person tried to play the full video or song. The apps that were demonstrated were incomplete and has no guarantee that they would not crash in  middle of demonstration.

But in the end everything went good, the demonstration of first iPhone succeeded and now u can see the growth of the iphone from that day till now.

Just believe in yourself and of course your lady luck 😉

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