Strongest Jutsu in Naruto Anime

  1. Eight gates mode / Hachimon

Description: It is a taijutsu skill which enables one to remove all his/her chakra limiter in the body.

As the name suggest there a total of eight gates in the body.Only might guy and his father are the only one who have opened them all. The only drawback of this Jutsu the by opening all gates the user will die.



  1. Kotoamatsukami

Description: It is the dōjutsu which cast a powerful genjutsu on the target. It makes the target that  S/he is not manipulated by anyone but doing it on his/her own free will.



  1. Edo Tensai / Reanimation

Description: It is a kind of summoning Jutsu which enables the user to call the dead from the grave.

Unlike, the normal summoning which required the blood of the user this technique need a living sacrifice.

And the summoning cannot be  killed but only sealed.


  1. Amaterasu

Description: It is a fire style Jutsu which produces a black flame that cannot be extinguished, only the user can extinguish it but it can be sealed too.

  1. Susanoo

Description: It is an enormous form of chakra which surrounds the body of the user in a humanoid form. Susanoo can only be activated when Mangekyō Sharingan is activated in both of the eyes. Susanoo is an extension of the user body parts which attack and defend on their behalf.

  1. Tengai Shinsei / Heaven Concealed

Description:  It is a Jutsu which makes meteorites fall one after another in succession. This Jutsu performs a wide scale damage.


  1. Rinne Tensei no Jutsu / Rinne Rebirth Jutsu

Description: It is a Jutsu which enables the user to sacrifice himself in order to bring back someone else to life. It different from do tensai as in edo tensai person is not actually came back to life as it only uses the sacrifices body as a medium, here it is not a case.


  1. Rasenshuriken

Description: It is a Jutsu which the only naruto can perform, in this Jutsu chakra as well as element charka is merged.  Naruto has performed it with various elements.


  1. Hiraishin no Jutsu / Flying Thunder God Technique

Description: This Jutsu allowed the user to teleport to the place which was previously marked by themselves. In this Jutsu distance does not matter one can instantly go to any marked place.


  1. Senpō Mokuton: Shin Sūsenju / Sage Art Wood Release: True Several Thousand Hands

Description: This Jutsu allows one to create and then control thousand hand of the wood element. It has the wood golem and dragon on the top.

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