Untold Facts about Tobi Mask

Tobi AKA Uchiha Obito is a villain who was introduced in naruto series but he entered in series with a great funny and Humorous character that make us laugh even though he is on the opposite side as well as was very powerful too.

Tobi was wearing different masks in different stages of naruto series and each mask represent different unique characteristics.

In total Tobi has wore 3 different masks in the series, first was at the time when he was fighting Namikaze Minato. The mask that he is wearing during that fight with minato is used to hide his identity as Uchiha Obito and to introduce himself as Uchiha Madara so that everyone thinks Madara is still alive and this rumour can be spread everywhere and the Terror of the great madara spread all over again.

Second Mask was same as the time when he has fused his body with spiral face zetsu  which he nicknamed guruguru in order to protect Rin and Kakashi.He has wore that mask throughout the Akatsuki arc for hunting for the beast, Akatsuki’s  formation and also when he join the team with Deidara and Sasuke.

And last one was during the great ninja world war which is made with the material that can’t be broken by anyone but in the end our hero (Naruto) has broken it. The mask at great ninja war shows that now he have the power of Rinnegan and sharingan both where the black circle on the white mask shows Rinnegan and the holes through which he see are three of the marks that we can find in Sharingan eyes and third one can be found on the top of the mask which is made for awakening the third eye name as Rinne-Sharingan which will be used in controlling Project “Tsuki no Me”.

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